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“This makes me beam. Scope this page featuring a few tattoos inspired by my music” – LIGHTS

“Check out these tattoos! What an honour. You guys don’t know how special this makes me feel.” – LIGHTS

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“I’ve waited almost 3 years to be able to get this tattoo. In 2012 I saw Lights for the second time in Austin, Texas and while walking to my car on the side of the venue, I literally ran into her. We chatted for a good 20 minutes or so and I gave her fan letters from my tumblr followers and gave her some treats (including some Kinder surprise eggs) and asked her to choose between lyrics from Banner or lyrics from Face Up, and she said she loved “No weapon can sever the soul from me” and wrote them on a piece of paper for me. I FINALLY got this tattoo a few days after my birthday this year (in June). It’s not finished yet, but I still love it so much, and I hope if Lights sees this, she remembers and she’s proud of it as well. There are many MANY meanings behind this tattoo, and one of them being the fact that Lights has helped me through so much and she is forever my greatest hero.”





“I got this because I felt like I could relate to every single one of her songs in her album and I didn’t think that getting a lyric from it would be good enough. So I just got the symbol instead which represents everything that the album refers to – love, separation, being a little kid again, being so much in love with your significant other and so much more.”



“I got this Lights tattoo to remind me to stay alive everyday. I went through really hard times that almost made me end my life. I found a new way of living through Lights and her music. “



“Lights has always been a huge inspiration to me and Lions! was one of the first songs I heard and fell in love with immediately. The friend that introduced me to her sent me a link and said “Try and watch this video without smiling.” Impossible! Lights has gotten me through tough times and this lion really represents the strength and courage she and her music reminded me I have in me.”












“I have wanted this tattoo for what seems like forever, well since the first time I actually heard the song. The song and both Lights have gotten me through a lot these past years and I only figured why not dedicate part of myself to something/someone I truly admire. Just like the song says there’s high and lows, so you just have to take life one day at a time.”



“This song means a lot to me bc it got me out of my depression and Lights basically saved my life from doing things that I probably would have regret now. And I wanted to get it on the same finger that she has her “found in love” tattoo.”







“I love Lights, her music manages to cheer me up no matter what kind of mood i’m in or what kind of day i’m having. The first time I saw her arm tattoos I loved the font, and from that point on I knew I wanted to get something in the same place/font…and what better than her lyrics!”







“The song Peace Sign is helping me get through a tough time. I’m struggling with my faith and an eating disorder, but this song is a reminder that I have a “peace sign,” God is my hard line in this blurry mess I’m going through.”



“This “arrow through a sparrow” is my own design. Inspired by ” Frame&Focus ” By LIGHTS. It Represents getting past even the hardest troubles in life and the whole song meaning to me is “there are always going to be rough times and that there is a consiquence to everything but even with lifes hardships you can’t give up.”



“I always wanted my first tattoo to be Lights-related. In September she did her European tour and I felt this was the perfect moment to get my tattoo, since I’ve been going to a couple of these shows. So after her first show in Cologne, I asked her to draw a little symbol for me, like a heart, to get it tattooed on my little finger. A couple days after, I ended up in The Netherlands for my second European show and got the little heart she drew tattooed. I was able to show it to her after the show and she was all excited I really did it, and so was I :) It’s a very small tattoo, but there’s so much meaning behind it. It’s a little permanent reminder of the amazing week of Lights shows and how much she means to me. <3”



“The reason I got this tattoo is because I truly believe that everything in life is so unexpected, and that’s the beautiful thing about it. It’s true, whether it’s about love, friendship or the smallest things that make you happy it all comes down to the place and time, if you’re in the right spot at the right time great things can happen (as Lights said herself). Time is the most precious thing we have, it’s something that shouldn’t be wasted yet many people still need to learn that. Timing heals old wounds and is the key to any relationship, friendship or decision I have ever made. Lights is obviously my role model and favourite artist ever. I met her last September when she came to Montreal and I thought “yes, I’m getting it done”. It’s my first tattoo, but more to come”

I love you Lights! such a great inspiration you are and your music makes me smile every day.










Gloria May


Matt W


“It’s symbolic of “If you’re going through hell, just keep going.” In the end it will all make sense.”



“I recently got this tattoo inspired by the song Frame and Focus. Lights has been such a huge inspiration to me over the past few years and this quote is something that stuck out to me since I heard it. She is incredibly talented and unique and she continues to inspire me every day.”


“Saviour was the first song I ever heard by Lights, and I had wanted the lyrics tattooed on me for 4 years. This September i finally went and had it done! I love it so much , Lights just means everything to me, and now I’ll always have a part of her with me :)”


“I got it because to me it means that even in the darkest of times and when theres chaos everywhere, the one thing we have is love, be it for your family or friends. Also i got it in Lights’ handwriting because she has been a pivotal person in my life and has allowed me to meet the best people in the world, who i am lucky enough to call my friends ^_^”


“I absolutely love the meaning behind Lights’ finger tattoo. ” Everything you do in life; let it be out of love” I need to think more about accomplishing that; finding the all the love in my life. I have had some serious up’s and down’s and Lights has been there to keep my face up in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined.”



“My name is Carey and I’ve been a LIGHTS fan for a while now, a super fan infact. I flew from Florida to Michigan to see her live for the first time (long story) and I saw her a second time and was lucky enough to get to hug her as she was getting into her tour bus. But I lost my Grandmother years before I knew who LIGHTS was, and I wanted to get a tattoo for her ever since she passed. When I heard “I owe you one” I knew that the line “For everything under the sun I owe you one” was what i wanted. Thank you LIGHTS from the bottom of my heart for knowing the words to thank her properly. <3″

Mike P


“I recently have just gotten my first tattoo. While it’s not direct lyrics or anything, it was greatly inspired by LIGHTS ‘Found in Love’ tattoo. The explanation she gave for it is what was most inspirational. I also have mine on the right forefinger, but I placed mine so I can see it. This way I will forever be reminded to do everything with love, and to always try to find the love in others, even when it can be extremely difficult at times. <3”






“I’ve wanted to get a lights tattoo for so long but i never knew what to get. As soon as i heard these lyrics in banner, they really stuck with me. Lights has been a huge inspiration to me for several years, her music has helped me through everything.”




“I got Lights’s autograph tattooed on my stomach February 2010 an hour before the second time i had the privilege of meeting her.”


“I chose Saviour lyrics mainly because of my faith. Last time I had the chance to meet Lights, I asked her which of her songs have the most spiritual meaning. Saviour was pretty high on her list. Also, Saviour was the first song I ever heard by Lights, being the first song on The Listening. I also put a north star by the word “Saviour,” to represent a star of Bethlehem, as well as make a reference to “light.” I placed the tattoo on the side of my rib cage, so it would be close to my heart. I believe it’s pretty similar to Lights’ placement of her “crusader’s heart” tattoo. All in all, I was very pleased with the outcome. I will forever be reminded of how inspiring Lights is, and of her lyrics that make a difference in my life.”



“No one in my life has inspired me as much as lights has, so I had to make sure I got something of hers that will always stick with me. This quote, which I feel most relates to me, is from River.”


Sam, 24 from Portsmouth, UK

“After almost 3 years of waiting, I was lucky enough to meet LIGHTS and get her to sign my hand at a meet and greet in Kingston. I got it tattooed over the next day! I love it, she did a really good job :D”

Mike P


“Hi, my name is David. When I first heard this in the song, I related to it so much and I knew from that point I was going to get it tattooed on my arm. I love Lights to death. Her music literally saved my life in many ways. Plus it makes me feel great every time I hear her perfect voice. She’s the one who inspired me to write my own songs. Can’t wait to get more inspired tattoos from her in the future. Lights Forever!”


“Getting this tattoo was an easy decision for me. 2011 was a really rough year and lights’ music just made everything better. Every single time i was down in the dumps, i always turned on “Face Up”. Something about that song just stuck out and just reminded me how everything was going to be okay. The line “the sun is always gonna rise up” every time i heard it, was just a stronger reassurance that no matter how bad it looked right now, it would get better. In all honesty, if i didn’t have Lights’ music throughout the course of 2011( although I’ve been a longtime fan!), i don’t know how i would have got through last year. “


“Recently I have been feeling quite down because my boyfriend left me and I have been feeling like I don’t know where my life is taking me, especially without him. The song “Face Up” has always inspired me, but especially during this tough time. I listened to it alot when I was feeling lowest and it made me feel like I can do whatever I want with my life. It also made me realise how reliant I had become on someone else, which I now know isn’t healthy. With the help of this song I can proudly say that I am feeling much better and feel like a more independant person. “The sun is always going to rise up” so you just have to get on with each day and be strong because the world goes on no matter what happens.”

Becca D.


“Hello my name is Vinson and this tattoo means a lot to me. When I first heard it I instantly knew this was what I wanted to get, I feel like this is something that is always going to be relatable and I love it.”


“Hi my name is Nick and my tattoo is the Hyrulian crest in The Legend of Zelda series. Ocarina of time was one of the first games i ever finished, played, and extremely enjoyed. You could say Lights inspired me to personalize my body the way i wanted it, as she has many game reference tattoos and its awesome to show who you really are through art (in this case on your body :P). I just thought that for my first tattoo, it should show how once in awhile, i act like child and feel like a kid again.”



“I’ve been a fan of Lights for 6 years now, and through every major change in my life, her music has been close to me. I decided to get her drawing of the ‘Siberia’ album cover because it, to me, was one of the best images to get tattooed in honor of her and her music. A lot of people question why I got what I got, but in the end, she’s MY idol and this is a part of my thank you to Lights. – Dustin”


“I just got this tattoo done and I have always wanted a saying on my chest right there. I decided to go with “Be steady on your feet, No matter the trouble you meet.” because not only is it one of my favorite songs but this line stuck out as not just a line from a song but also a good message to just have for everyday life. No matter what comes your way, you can overcome you obstacles. Whether its a death of a friend, to bad breakup, to even just quitting a bad habbit of smoking, this saying was always there when I listened to it. Just like everyone else, I’ve had my ups and downs and this song helped me through it. Plus knowing this song is about a video game is the cherry on top, and not just cause im gamer but cause my major is in gaming and it is also my career.”


“My name is Alisabeth, I have been listening to Lights for quite a while now and I fell in love with her from the very beginning. Being my idol would be an understatement. I look up to her for inspiration and guidance; her music seems to help me through anything that life throws my way. This was my second tattoo. Though those are not her lyrics on my finger, I was inspired by her to get the tattoo where I did. It says “1 corinthians 16:14” meaning “let all that you do, be done in love.” My most recent tattoo says “and romance just is” from an older song of hers, “Romance Is”…which is a special song between my boyfriend and I. This tattoo goes along with the “love” theme of my other tattoos and also has a significant meaning in the word “romance”, as it spells my boyfriend’s name “cameron” if the letters were arranged differently. I get to see Lights in Pontiac, Michigan in one week! I’m hoping to get her signature to add to the tattoo on the top of my shoulder! Lights never ceases to amaze me in every way possible. Much love.


“I went to Lights’ Siberia signing and I was already set on asking her what lyrics I should get inked on me. I’ve become a big fan of her music and surprisingly enough, it helps me get through the day sometimes. When I asked her what lyrics I should get, she asked me my favourite song, and I said Lions! Lights told me to get “be steady on your feet”. I’m incredibly happy she chose these lyrics, one look at my arm and I’m level headed and happy.”


“Hey my name is Josh, I just got this tattoo yesterday. I just recently have been listening to songs by lights and this part of the song “Lions!” really stood out to me. A lot of things have come my way in the past year that some people say should “knock you down”. Instead, with help of course, I have been steady on my feet holding my ground and staying strong through every hard time that comes my way! This tattoo means a lot to me and if it weren’t for LIGHTS and my wonderful girlfriend Dana for getting me into her music, I wouldn’t have this wonderful tattoo today.” -Josh


“My name is Colt. This is my second tattoo. I own a pair of handmade TOMS (shoes) that have the full lyrics to the song Lions! on them. Out of all of the lyrics the phrase “Lions make you brave” stood out the most to me. I almost didn’t make it to college and have had alot of problems in my life. But i realized when listening to this song that if I have faith like Daniel did in the Lion den, then i get through all of my problems in life. That they are just another Lion to slay. So that phrase has become my faith message. The sparrow is the bird of love and the fleur de lix is the symbol of hope, so with all three of these components i have all of God’s gifts, faith hope and love, in one piece. This song has kept me from going into an emotional breakdown on many occasion and has reminded me to have faith. I love Lights for this song, and for this quote.”


“So this is my first tattoo, and I knew when I decided to get a tattoo a year ago that I wanted to get something involving Lights so when I got my tattoo on August 17 2011 I was dead set on getting this, because before I discovered Lights and her music I didn’t really care much about music, I guess you could say I was only hearing it, and it really didn’t have an affect on my life. But for some reason completely unknown to me, Lights music touched me in a way that’s indescribable. I instantly became a HUGE fan and realized I actually LISTENED to her music, and felt it. And From Lights on I have appreciated music much more because of her and how her music made me/makes me feel. I listen to Lights when I’m happy, sad, tired, hyped, it’s great for any occasion. Her music cheered me up when I got sad, made me happier when I was happy, and just made me feel/ makes me feel so alive! I decided to get “The Listening” tattooed on my forearm because not only was it a collection of some of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard, but it’s the album that made me happy and see/hear/feel music in a whole new way. That all sounds kind of cheesy but it’s the truth. The Listening is also the first album I’ve ever gotten signed, and when I met Lights my life got that much better. It also represents my love of music as a whole, and has many different applications to how I feel about music. When Lights music is playing, you can be sure I’m Listening. :3 I’ve been listening to Lights for about 3 years, and she is still the only musician that has a major impact on me. GO LIGHTS! Much love from ONE of your biggest fans! Keep being amazing n beautiful, mmmk?”


“The reason i got it is I am a pretty big geek/WoW nerd and when ever at LANS this song would always pump me up. “You don’t have to feel safe to feel unafraid” really hit me when I was listened to it for the first time just a few weeks after The Listening came out. And since I was too young for a tattoo then I decided that that will be my first tattoo. So I finally got it and it’s basically the best thing that has ever happened. To me its gives me courage in the hardest of times and basically just means to stay strong and brave no matter what. Before I had the tattoo I would often just write it down or think about it when I was going through a really bad part of town and basically apply it to everything that I can.”



“This is my first and only tattoo I have but the first time I saw Lights’ sword tattoo, I fell in love with it instantly. I knew I had to have a tattoo just like that because it will represent Lights who I admire so much. She is very talented and effortlessly beautiful. It has been three years planning and talking A LOT about getting a tattoo and it took about a good year to actually think of what kind of tattoo I want and where I want it. Thanks to Lights’, she helped me with my first tattoo. Not only does it represent my role model (Lights), but the inspiration for it was from my all time favourite tv show ever, Sailor Moon!!! I love and I’m obsessed with Sailor Moon. Every time I click to the links to watch Sailor Moon on YouTube, I can’t help but wish I lived like her, that I had what she had with her powers and being a superhero. I see her as a powerful woman and seeing my sword everyday I wake up makes me feel like I’m Sailor Moon.”


“I got this tattooed because, like many others, I love LIGHTS. I’m known for my obsession with her and for this song. “Drive My Soul” is my favorite song of all time. It’s the song I listen to on a daily basis and find peace. I also got it bc it represents my family and best friends. Without then I would be lost and wouldn’t know where to go in life or how to go about life. LIGHTS’ music means a lot to me and will forever mean a lot to me.”


“I got this tattoo on November 26th, 2010. It’s one of my favorite songs of Lights. In some kinda way, the lyrics really suited my situation back then, it describes exactly how i felt.”



“This is a video of Lights mentioning me in an interview on her UK tour with Owl City. With a pic of my Lights Tattoo. She signed my ankle and I got it tattooed over. But I guess you got that from watching : ) I have been a fan for about 3 years now. Her music wicked and I’ve found a fellow 23 year old who STILL loves Blink-182. For that i love her lol.”

Ashley and Amy

“My girlfriend, recently now my fiance and I have been together for 9 months and LIGHTS’ song “Johnny loves Jess” has always been our song. In the beginning of our relationship, my girlfriend was in the hospital and this song really got us through it. This will always be our song. Our tattoo is a tribute to LIGHTS and to our love. Its from the line “you’re the minus to my plus when its just the two of us” -A+ because both of our names start with A (Ashley and Amy) Thank you LIGHTS =) I hope you love it as much as we do!”


“Here’s my story, For months straight I listened to nothing but LIGHTS, but one night I was really upset and down about life. I just so happened to be listening to “Face Up,” and was really listening to every word and I heard the line, “The sun is always gonna rise up,” and it just meant so much to me right then and there that I just started bawling. Never has a lyric made me cry except for that one. Tears of relief btw. Well after that night the worst month of my life came. With every harsh blow that hit me, I just kept that line and that song in my head and on my radio. November I got it tattooed on my back after I drove 7 hours to see LIGHTS in concert. Now I know LIGHTS will always have my back.”


“‘Lions’ wasn’t the first song that I heard from Lights, but it was the one I kept playing over and over again. The words, “you don’t have to feel safe to feel unafraid’ really hit close to home for me, it’s a motto I try to live by (and it goes hand in hand with my rib piece that says, ‘be not afraid’). I’ve been through a lot; when the doctor told me I had less than a year to live, all I regretted was the fact that I held myself back in so many different regards because I was scared. Everything eventually turned out in my favor, and the doctors realized it was a misdiagnosis, but that moment changed me and changed my whole outlook.This song, this chorus, these words are a constant reminder to not let fear get to me or to stop me from doing what I want to do.”


“Being the huge Lord of the Rings dork that I am, I knew that I wanted a tattoo of some quote in one of the many styles of Elvish script. When I heard “Lions!” I instantly knew that I wanted “You don’t have to feel safe to feel unafraid” to be the quote. I got to meet Lights, by accident, actually – she was shopping the afternoon before her show with Owl City in Royal Oak, MI – and I asked her if she could choose one line to be tatted on a fan, what she would choose. Sure enough, she chose the same line from “Lions!” as I did! A couple of weeks late, I got it done!”



“The first poem i had ever written was when i was twelve years old. It was about a boy much like myself who was afraid to grow up. He loved being a kid and now that he was entering his teens, everything was about to change. He didnt want to. He missed everything that he once had as a kid. The immaturity, imagination, fun, memories, and most of all pretending he was anything he wanted himself to be. He wanted to go back but sadly thats not how life goes. We grow up and forget how it once was to be a kid. The title of the poem i had written was “Lets Play Pretend”. Lights, who for the past 2 years has been my favorite artist. She just happens to have a song called “Pretend” which in the song she does say “Lets Play Pretend”. So i got this in reminder to always be a kid at heart and because the song “Pretend” means much more to me then people in my life know. Lights has helped me through so much.” -Chase Mahan.



Kay, 23, Sunderland, UK

“I hit a really hard period of my life back in March and it’s still going on now, but LIGHTS’ music has gone a long, long way to helping me through the darkness. I suffer from depression following a lot of issues over the past 4 years and wanted something motivational that would also remind me of the strength I found during this point in my life through LIGHTS.”


“I got these tattoos not only because of my LAS. But also because of what the lyrics ment to me themselves. My left arm (When your gone will I lose control) means, that I dont need anyone elso to make me happy or keep me in line. My right arm (Dark out but you still gotta light up) basically tells me to stay optimistic. Smile in the most dark of times. Those are my favorite lyrics, and all of her songs have such a large influence on my life. I love you Lights. <3”



“I tend to go to these dark places every now & then. And when I do, I’m stuck there for awhile. It’s the song Saviour that I listen to over & over again to help cheer me up. It pulls me out of that dark place. In a nutshell, I got the tattoo so I will always have that reminder that things are going to be ok, and if I fall into that dark place, I don’t have to stay there.”

Jovana K.

“Lions is one of my favorite song and I had to get the lyrics “you don’t to feel safe to feel unafraid” around my ankle. All of her songs inspire me but this one just stand out. Lights music always put a smile on my face :).”

Chelsea G.

“My reason behind these tattoos is that they represent something relevant to my life. They perfectly express some experience I’ve gone through, some milestone that has altered or impacted my life. Lights’ lyrics completely encapsulate where I’m at in life. I chose “The road is a minefield” from “Drive My Soul”, and a scene from the “Captain Lights” series with a lyric from “Lions!” because they both present strength and endurance of character, which I feel defines my life at the moment. Lastly, I got a rocket ship and a space scene to reference Lights’ song “Up, Up and Away”. “Up, Up and Away” is one of my favorite songs by Lights, and I chose to visually reference it because the lyrics hit close to home with me, and I felt like this tattoo was a perfect way to document this milemarker.”






“I decided to get a lyric from Lions! because that song has been a huge inspiration through the last several months. I was moving out on my own for the first time and I was terrified of failing but then I heard the song and it gave me hope for myself. It seemed appropriate that I get the line tattooed over my heart as a tribute to how much Lights has helped me grow up and realize that the world is a scary place but there is always a reason to be brave.”

Dylan A.

Deadria C.

“I got the lyrics “I never really ever know what to say when all of my emotions get in the way” tattooed on my side. “The listening” is basically the epitome of my life and what happens every time I meet a new person or just interact with people I haven’t spoken to in a while. I sometimes regret what I said or contemplate what I said.”


“I have ‘lights’ on my wrist. I decided to do it in cursive and all lower-case letters. It honestly had 1/2 to do with LIGHTS- the singer, and half to do with biblical scriptures. I suppose I could say a third with all because I have struggled with depression and other issues (haven’t we all?!) since I was 16 years old. When I read the quote that Lights wrote about ‘the world is dark.. and I am Lights’… that REALLY hit me. This world IS a very depressing place. You need to remember that things can get better. Where ever there is dark.. you need to look for the ‘lights.’ You know, in a scary movie.. where they’re in a dark cave or whatever.. and see the light ahead.. they know that they’re getting out!
Tons of Lights lyrics have really hit home with me. Especially on her new CD.
To be 100% honest, I am not a very religious person. But I continue to learn.. and grow with God everyday. I pray to God that I will be happy with my faith. And I think that one day I will. One of my favorite verses is “I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.” (John 12:46).
I had my lights tattoo placed on me in January of this year (2009).
I really want another one. And honestly, I’d love for it to have to do with Lights again! I want one on my rib cage.. on the side of my body.
Lights’ music makes me happy. It makes me remember that there are better things in life than dwelling on the bad. Face Up is a great example of that.”


“I’m Michel Chamberland, some 19 year old guy from Fort Mcmurray that enjoys and loves the work that Lights has and is doing, her music is like a drug to my ears (In a good way!!!). When I decided to see Lights in concert during her Edmonton show in September with Keane, and found out shes doing a meet and greet, I thought that was a great opportunity to meet Lights in person couldn’t get any better. I missed several of her previous tours/shows there was no way that I was gonna miss this one. When I booked my tickets, I remembered a story of a girl that was a huge Beatles fan that got their autograph tattooed, and I thought that was an amazing idea and that I would get Lights autograph tattooed! I liked the idea of getting the signature of someone you enjoy, love, is an inspiration to you, or what ever the reason. A signature is unique, only that one person can make that one signature.
She was nervous when she was signing it she said to me haha. Its hard to get a good signature on the skin on a small spot, without getting it sloppy/smudgy. The tattoo artist has to be able to trace it out in the end. People tell me that I will regret this tattoo, but i think they are out of their minds. They all in the bandwagon about tattoo remorse stories.
Thanks LIGHTS!!!”


“On November 2008, when LIGHTS was opening for Pascale Picard Band, I took a friend to see her in Montreal. After her set I went to get some stuff signed and say hey. (back then she was able to hang out as long as she wanted.) I ended up talking to her manager, Jian, for a while. I mentioned I wanted her sig. tattooed on my wrist and he was like *poke poke* and we all talked for a bit. Then she drew a few things on paper, along with her sig. The heart was on of them, she named Sybil. Lights told me about how Sybil falls in love easily/a lot and gets its heart broken a lot. Before she left she mentioned that if I get one tattooed to get Sybil.”

Mike V.

“So far all my tattoos except for one are LIGHTS inspired! I got the ones on my arms because when I first discovered LIGHTS I wasn’t doing anything with my life and I had no idea what I was going to do. LIGHTS made me want to just maybe be able to touch people in the same way. So I started playing guitar and have improved dramatically through LIGHTS inspiration, I am now studying music in college! The lyrics for TLTOYM just seemed to fit so well with the situation. I try to sing the last thing on my mind but maybe I’ll just play it on my guitar if you know what I mean. :) And the Pretend one I got because I am still kinda going through a situation right now…I wish we could just play pretend! Thank you for all your inspiration LIGHTS! Your music has shown me my path in life!” PS. If you need a guitar player….just sayin'”

Jer G.

“I decided to get lyrics to “I owe you one” running down my arms, because that song has helped me through a bunch of negative things. I first heard the song at a very negative point of my life, I was hooked on drugs and didn’t really know what to do with myself anymore. This song helped me get through the rough times when no one was around to support me. I now have it inked on me to remind me of the struggle I overcame all thanks to that song specifically. All in all I just want to say how grateful I am of everything LIGHTS has done and to tell her that “I owe you one”. Thank you so much LIGHTS you’ve inspired me beyond belief.”

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